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Philosophy & Crafts

The brand DUEROS was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain), it is a reflection of the beauty of the city states in its lifestyle: travelers from all over the world, vacations, culture, Mediterranean climate and exclusive products from there.

The word DUERO and a Fusion Of the words “DUO” and “EROS”: DUO means “two” and is the DNA of the brand-the two co-creators, The 2-sided logo, the 2 buttons of the product called Scapulary-the connection of two, which can be love for a partner, a family member, a friend, an animal or also a place in the world. EROS is the god of love in Greek mythology. The combination of these 2 words makes a powerful mix that describes exactly what the brand represents.

Co-breeders Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane are Greek-German and Dutch-Moroccan living in Barcelona. Their multiethnic origins and the fact that they have traveled a lot around the world, knowing different countries, cultures, religions and very interesting people, Are reflected/mirror in the design of all DUEROS products and the # duerosaraundtheworld project that has connection with beautiful references and brands from all over the world with photos sent by all customers and friends from all races and countries. The Scapulary, which is a Portuguese word, is a religious necklace with two parts or buttons. Originating from the robe worn by monks, draped from shoulder to shoulder, it embodies Dignity and Priestly Power. DUEROS has taken this beautiful and historic symbol that dates back to the 7th century and gives it a modern design while maintaining its traditional heritage. Especially well-known and popular in Brazil in current times, the Scapular is a gift for people with a special bond with each other, a talisman that protects the beloved person for whom you buy it. DUEROS products are mainly handmade in sterling silver with rhodium finish, 24K gold plated and 24K gold by craftsmen from the desert state of Rajasthan, Jaipur, the capital, also known as the “pink city” has been the ruling kingdom of the most opulent maharajahs and royalty. His extravagant taste for gems and gems gave Jaipur its reputation and inspiration for old jewelry houses like Boucheron & Cartier.