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Artigo: Men's Jewelry - More Than Just An Accessory

Men's Jewelry - More Than Just An Accessory - DUEROS Brazil

Men's Jewelry - More Than Just An Accessory

Jewelry has always had a major influence in society though it was mainly destined for women in the past. Nowadays we see male models, celebrities, and trend-setters wearing jewelry in fashion capitals, on catwalks but also in everyday life. It has become more than just an accessory, it is a statement of style and embodies various meanings such as individuality, spirituality, and expression.

This is where DUEROS comes into play, a brand founded in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain). They combine chic and powerful designs with symbols, which people strongly identify with. Co-founder Kosta Janusi explains: “DUEROS gives the final touch to your look and makes you feel confident and sexy. It is more than just jewelry, it is an expression of lifestyle, a statement. It makes you feel good in your own skin.”

Models wearing Jewelry

For DUEROS the unique design and the meaning of each of their pieces are important: “There are the typical, worldwide beloved symbols which mean a lot to people, such as the cross or an angel. We take these motives and make them our own, give them a typical DUEROS design, and create something special.” A good illustration of this is their Guardian Angel. This beautifully crafted angel is soaring within a silver frame only attached to it on the right and left side with the wings. With its embossed 3D shape it protrudes the frame majestically and looks like it is just about to fly. The DUEROS flagship product is the scapular, a necklace with 2 pendants worn on the front and backside.

Guardian Angel Necklace

The brand stands for a positive and active lifestyle, especially when sharing memorable moments on the beach, at a party or traveling - generally when enjoying life to its fullest. Your jewelry is always with you, it becomes a part of you. DUEROS is for those of you who are tired of the conventional, who dare to wear more than just another accessory. This is what customers love about them and why it has become a cherished present also among couples: “Bought the angel wings bracelet to commemorate the beginning of our relationship, the piece is beautiful... beyond thrilled to carry this on our wrists for the rest of our lives” Joshua Emanuel Gonzalez Carlos.

Men's Bracelets

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