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Artigo: 3 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

3 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones - DUEROS Brazil

3 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

For the person who deserves a beautiful present from the heart, choose versatile jewelry that adds a meaningful and sophisticated touch to his style.

We have carefully selected the following three pieces of DUEROS men's jewelry, each one with exceptional design and quality - they are ideal pieces for someone special.

1. Mosaic Escapulario



An Escapulario is meant to be a present for people with a unique bond to each other, a talisman that protects your loved one. The model ‘Mosaic’ is inspired by Mediterranean architecture, beautifully combining mosaic features with the typical DUEROS design.

2. Angel Wings Necklace


This summer Men’s necklaces are hot items in the fashion scene. The outstanding feature of this necklace is the exchangeable colour cord! The lucky receiver of this lovely present can easily switch the cord to match the look with his current styling or mood.

3. Cross Ring


If he loves rings, this one will make him stick out of the crowd. The ‘Cross’ ring shines with a uniquely designed cross which blends into elegant curves. The DUEROS logo and the 925 Sterling Silver stamp are engraved on the inside of the ring.

DUEROS jewelry is exclusive and a perfect present for any occasion like an anniversary, a birthday, or just because you want to make somebody special happy!

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