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Sacred Heart of Jesus Silver Scapular

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Silver scapular - made from 925 Italian sterling silver

Pieces are made by artisans in Italy, using the purest silver we can find today. With a unique and exclusive DUEROS design.

We have the advantage that the pieces can be used comfortably in your daily life, as well as in the pool, sea and extreme sports.

Baths have a 1 year warranty.

This scapular shows the typical and classic design of the Brazilian version - on one side the protective and adult Jesus, on the other side Mary holding the baby Jesus.

What makes this necklace so special is a highly embossed structure, with a textured look to the pendant, giving them a handmade feel just like pendants of the past, making it possible for the figures to be felt with your fingers.

This fine jewelry combines two identical pendants, one on the front and one on the back.

It's a never-ending necklace, made from a thin chain that slides around your head and has no beginning or end. One size fits all.

Necklace length (with pendants):

340 mm (total 680 mm) 
Chain length (without pendants): 310 mm (total 620 mm)
Chain thickness: 1.5mm
Pendant Width: 10mm
Pendant Length: 15mm

Jewelry with Guarantee

All of our jewelry has a 1-year guarantee, can be used in the pool, sea, gym and does not darken or lose its shine

Sacred Heart of Jesus Silver Scapular
Sacred Heart of Jesus Silver Scapular Sale priceR$ 490,00

em até 6x de R$ 81,66